Friday, January 16, 2015

Holiday Party

A Holiday Party was held at Crafty Creations on Monday, December 29th - in between the Christmas and New Year's holidays.  There were 21 people in attendance and fun and great food were definitely present.  We also played several games...
We started out in three teams, selecting one person to make a snowman - out of random supplies - toilet paper included.
 These were the results fro the various teams.  LOL  Too fun!  The cooperative snowmen are, from left to right, Sandra Gainer, Leisa Hardin and Debi McBain.  There were all great sports and the teams had fun designing their snowman.  Toilet paper, anyone?  :)
This game required participants to recall numerous items contained in a box - all items were scrapbooking related.  They had to recall, and list on paper, as many of the items as they could.  Katie was the winner!  
We finished off the night with fun gift exchange of scrapbooking-related items.  There were a lot of fun items fought over!

We hope you will join the fun in 2015 at Crafty Creations Retreat!  We know you will have a blast!

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